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Beautiful wear that cares environmentally

Fashion without a trace

We care about our planet a lot. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create long-lasting, timeless products that remain in your closet forever—not a landfill. We take pride in our sustainable processes: from fabric sourcing and repurposing materials, to transportation and packaging. We know climate change waits for no one, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to preserve our planet for future generations. One small action over time can change into recurring sustainable habits. What a better way to start then with your clothes?

Kanvess Clothing Margie Bra Graphite & Margie Legging Black

earth-happy fabrics

Kind to our planet = kind to you

Our activewear is made up of botanic fibers, recycled plastics, and certified organic cotton for luxurious softness and durable wear. 

Here’s what you’ll find in our fabric:

Organic Cotton: Starting from untreated, natural seeds, organic cotton is grown without synthetic fertlizers. As a result, organic cotton plants are more resistant to pests and disease eliminates the need for use of pesticides.

TENCEL™:  Derived from renewable wood fibers of botanic origin, TENCEL keeps your body cool and dry with natural comfort and versatility. 

Recycled Polyester (RPET): Made from post consumer plastic waste including plastic bottles that have been diverted from landfills.

Recycled ChitoSante: Thanks to its natural and durable antibacterial properties, ChitoSante strongly inhibits the growth of bacteria. It stays fresh, hygienic, and odor resistant so you can move with confidence.

Here’s what you won’t find: 

Harsh chemicals

Toxic dyes

Oil by-products

our products are

Ethically made in the USA

Carefully and considerately, our clothes are constructed in small batches here in Kansas City and close by in Los Angeles to reduce global transport greenhouse gas emissions. We aim to recreate the future of fashion into one that is positive, just and fair to all. When it comes to ethicality, our standards are high. Our production partners are focused on zero-waste in studios that are audited for safe, clean, working environments that pay employees above liveable wages. 

not a scrap left behind

We believe every scrap of fabric counts. Precious resources were used to make each and every item we wear today, and we don’t intend to let them go to waste. Leftover fabric scraps from production are collected and repurposed into our smaller accessory items. Fabric is saved, and you look great accessorizing. #win-win

Packaging breakdown

You bet your purchases will arrive in 100% compostable packaging. We ship your favorite pieces in plastic-free packaging made from bio-based polymer PBAT and a plant-based PLA. In other words, our packaging will decompose fully into compost without producing toxic residue as they break down. Even our hang tags are made from eco-friendly, recycled seed paper. Whether you intentionally plant the paper in soil, or it ends up discarded in the trash, the seeds in the paper will germinate and grow into plants—giving something as small as a packaging tag, a new life. 

Sustainable Activewear Kanvess Clothing


While we’re pretty darn close to being 100% fully sustainable clothing, we do use a very small percentage of spandex to ensure you get the stretch and support you need when working out. We promise though, that the spandex fibers incorporated into our clothing are ethically-sourced and as sustainable as humanly possible. We can’t wait until a more sustainable spandex alternative becomes available!